In order to further strengthen our position as a leading global provider of heavy industries technology for safety, communications and productivity systems, PBE Group is excited to announce their recent acquisition of Rutherford Group Australia.

PBE is a global heavy industries technology company for manufactured safety, communications and productivity systems.

Mining Solutions

Mining Solutions

Control the efficiency of your mining operations.

PBE engineers and manufactures mine safety and productivity systems that it supports and services via its network of global offices and distribution partners.

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Tunneling Solutions

Tunneling Solutions

Technology systems to keep tunnels at peak performance.

PBE designs, engineers and installs sophisticated communication and information systems for contractors, engineering firms and governments around the world.

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Proximity Alert System

Tunneling Solutions

Designed to enhance job site personnel safety.

Only PBE’s unique Proximity Alert System provides a virtual warning awareness perimeter to alert personnel to moving vehicles and machinery on above and below ground job sites.

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Watch a job site video solution from the comfort of your office.

PBE continues to design, engineer, and manufacture job site solutions that innovate safety, power productivity and provice security. Watch a video on one of PBE's latest products.

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Dr. Wisam Farjow, at CIIT Peru 2018, presenting "Interoperability Advancement to Enhance Mining Operations."

Mining equipment is currently unable to exchange data freely within the multitude of systems layers operating in the mine, due to lack of standards and proprietary limitations, which affects mine operators as managing equipment data becomes more complex. Introducing interoperability will mean broader engagement, improved communication between equipment, better operating excellence, equipment development, and deployment. To achieve success at a mine we must optimize mine and treatment processes using all available knowledge, including mineral resources, environmental and economic constraints.”

We hope that you found the conference informative and worthwhile as much as we did.

PBE CIIT Peru 2018

Wisam Farjow CIIT Peru 2018