The PBE Group Company

About the PBE Group

The PBE Group, founded over 45 years ago, is a global heavy industries technology company, unique in the vertical integration of its engineered solutions. Serving multiple markets including, amongst others, mining, tunneling and construction, PBE is unparalleled in its range of internally designed and manufactured safety, communications and productivity systems.

Through one supplier of all equipment and software required to safely and efficiently operate a worksite, the customer benefits from the reliability, functionality and cost benefits only a true single source solution provider can deliver. PBE offers a designed for purpose, robust, advanced solution enabling data-driven decisions through PBE’s suite of management and control software.

PBE’s twelve global engineering and service centers provide customers with the local service required, from consultancy, design and manufacturing through to installation and aftermarket support.

PBE Mining Solutions

PBE designs, engineers and manufactures single source integrated solutions for safety, communications, monitoring and control systems for mines around the world. Supported and serviced by its network of global offices and distribution partners, PBE is able to provide timely service and engineering support globally. PBE's mining products and solutions are sophisticated and reliable, with over 45 years of ensuring safer and more productive mines.

PBE Tunneling Solutions

PBE Tunneling Solutions provide the complete solution, from the initial design and consultancy to support and maintenance for both temporary systems used during the construction phase and installation of permanent infrastructure. PBE's tunnel monitoring and control system, TunnelBoss, allows complete control of the system from one central software platform. With extensive experience in the Road, Rail, Electricity and Water industries, PBE has the expertise to design, manufacture and install all types of underground voice communication systems, data networks, safety and productivity applications that can be combined with third party products to create system integration driven by the core manufacturer.

Proximity Alert System

PBE's Proximity Alert System (PAS) is designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing the risk of collision through enhancing situational awareness. PAS provides a totally integrated and scalable solution that alerts drivers of the presence of both personnel and vehicles via a ruggedized device running PBE proprietary software. Every device has its own signature, allowing the collision avoidance system to differentiate between different types of vehicles, personnel and fixed assets.

Proximity Alert System by PBE is the first proximity detection system to integrate above ground and below ground technologies into one complete solution covering multiple ranges with optimal accuracy.

PBE Contract Manufacturing

PBE offers high-quality, efficient contract manufacturing and testing of customer-designed products for partners in the defense, aerospace, commercial and industrial sectors. This provides PBE with the most extensive product portfolio in communications and safety systems globally.