The PBE Group Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Non-Executive Chairman
Peter Freeman

Mr. Peter Freeman has spent his working life involved almost entirely with the natural resources sector, and undertaken an enormous range of transactions for companies and governments. These include advice on equity raising, funding for major projects, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, asset disposals, government relations and regulatory issues, privatizations, bullion and trade financing, as well as general corporate advice.

After receiving degrees at Oxford and London Universities, Mr. Freeman spent eight years with Continental Illinois National Bank in Chicago and London, working mainly with the mining and metals processing industries.

In 1981, he joined N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd, eventually becoming a director within the corporate finance department, responsible for the natural resources sector. In 1988, he joined Warrior as one of the founding partners and following its sale to Standard Bank of South Africa in 1997, he agreed to stay on for three years. In 2000, he left to co-found London based Cutfield Freeman & Co. Ltd and continues to run the company as the Chief Executive Officer.

Chief Executive Officer
Stuart Champion de Crespigny

Mr. Stuart Champion de Crespigny became the Chief Executive Officer of PBE in April 2011 after completing the acquisition of PBE through his investment company Vierville Capital LLC which he founded in 2009 with the purpose of acquiring growing businesses with strong management in attractive industries.

Prior to founding Vierville Capital, Mr. Champion de Crespigny worked in investment banking for the Macquarie Group (ASX: MQG) in Sydney, Australia and London, United Kingdom. His background is in acquiring stable cash flow companies for Macquarie and their specialist funds and in raising equity and debt for Macquarie specialist funds and external clients. Key transactions involved the acquisition and sale of companies for Macquarie, recapitalizations, leveraged buyout transactions, business separation, private placements, initial public offerings and follow-on offerings.

Mr. Champion de Crespigny holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honors and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, majoring in accounting, from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Mrs. Belle de Bruin is CEO of Indofin Group, a globally operating investment group. Founded  in 1968, the company is privately owned by its founding family (De Bruin) and is proud of its private and independent character, whereby the founders continue to play and active role.

Mrs. De Bruin has a lot of experience in International M&A and has worked on transactions such as Indofin’s acquisition of Royal IHC (a manufacturer of dredging and offshore equipment with revenue of over €1 billion). She is currently member of the board of Royal IHC   Other board positions include Gram Car Carriers Holdings PTE.LTD. (a supplier to the world’s major operators of sea-borne vehicle transportation), Net Display Systems B.V. (digital signage software),and  DPW Van Stolk Holding B.V. (timber group specialised in import, export, processing and distribution of hardwood and hardwood products).

In addition to originating and closing transactions, Mrs. De Bruin has been involved in the management of portfolio companies in matters of strategy and efficiency. For instance, after the acquisition of Royal IHC in 2005 she lead a team that scrutinized every aspect of the company and redefined its strategy.

Mrs. De Bruin has a degree in Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Mr. Robert Champion de Crespigny is an Australian businessman currently residing in the United Kingdom. He was the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive of Normandy Mining Limited from 1985 until its merger in 2002 with Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE: NEM).  At the time of the merger it was Australia's largest gold entity and in the top five gold companies in the world. He has served as Chancellor of The University of Adelaide, Chairman of the Economic Development Board of South Australia, Advisor to the Executive Committee of the South Australian Cabinet, Chairman of the South Australian Museum and Non-Executive Chairman of a number of publicly listed Australian companies. He has acted as Australia's representative on the Commonwealth's Expert Group on Democracy and Development, Chairman of the Australian Gold Council, and also as a Member of the Business Council of Australia, the Minerals Council of Australia, and the National Gallery of Australia.

Over the years he has received several awards recognizing his contribution to Australian business and the community, in particular the Companion of the Order of Australia, Australia's highest honor. The University of Adelaide has also awarded him a Doctorate for his services to the University.

Mr. Champion de Crespigny is currently the Chairman of Crosby-Textor Research Strategies Results and Advisor to Barclays Natural Resource Investments.

Mr. Terry McDonald is the founder and director of a very successful management company and has been involved in or directly responsible for projects in the UK including the first high speed rail in the UK, the express fast track tunnel for the London Olympics to move the overhead power lines underground, the Thames Super Sewer and the largest tunnel project on Crossrail (the new east/west metro in London).

At 34 years old, he lead a joint venture constructing, what was then, the world’s largest tunnel project in Egypt, including 70 shafts utilizing a workforce of 3000 people. With nearly 45 years in civil engineering, mainly as a contractor but also with client and government projects, he has worked for and ran businesses in many countries, including; the UK, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Turkey, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Kazakhstan.  As a Director of the UK’s largest domestic and international construction company, he was responsible for the delivery of many major tunnel projects, mainly in international markets.

Over the last 3 years, he has devoted a lot of time to understanding the Chinese tunneling market, which is by far the largest in the world.  Most recently, his company is part of the group which has been awarded the Northern Line Extension to the London metro and also the largest contract on the Thames Super Sewer.  Together these 2 projects have a value of £1.3 billion.

Terry McDonald is a Chartered Civil Engineer by trade and a long standing Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, the regulatory body in UK for Civil Engineers and the world’s oldest such body.  He is recognized as one of the world’s leading tunnel engineers with a large network in many countries.

Rod Beeler
Mr. Beeler worked with Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) for 31 years in numerous locations globally, including Perth, Sydney, Geneva and Singapore. He was primarily involved in sales and marketing, with a particular focus on helping Caterpillar dealers improve their businesses. For the last 6 years at Caterpillar, Mr. Beeler served as a Vice President at Caterpillar, most recently the Vice President of Marketing and Product Support. For 4.5 years Mr. Beeler was in Singapore and responsible for all of the Prime Product and Product Support sales for all of the Asia Pacific (Korea, China, SE Asia, India, Australia, and New Zealand).  As a member of the Caterpillar Strategic Planning Committee, Mr. Beeler was particularly involved with corporate strategy development and implementation. 

Mr. Beeler also holds the position of Vice Chairman of Basin Rentals, a company focused on building an asset rental business for the oil and gas industry globally.
Mr. Beeler's appointment to The PBE Group Board of Directors is an exciting development for the Group and adds another accomplished individual to the Board who shares PBE’s passion for mining and mining safety.