Conveyer Belt Monitoring

Conveyor belt monitoring solutions help avoid downtime caused by accidents and damage to equipment.

Designed to increase safety and productivity by preventing costly damage or accidents, PBE’s conveyor and motion monitors are ideal for use with conveyor belts, rotating devices, ventilation fans or any other equipment. PBE belt monitoring equipment has proven to be rugged, reliable and easy to use in some of the harshest mining environments on the planet and yet are flexible enough to fit any application in any industry. 

BeltBoss control stations are capable of monitoring:Belt Boss Conveyor Belt Monitoring

  • Slip / Sequence Detection
  • Overspeed and Underspeed
  • Power Loss
  • Material Spill
  • Fire Suppression
  • Dust Suppression
  • Belt Brakes
  • Bearing Temperature
  • Motor Currents

PBE’s BeltBoss control and monitoring solutions can either stand-alone or be networked together through PBE’s MineBoss™ 2.0 and monitored from the surface in the mine’s control center.