Proximity Alert System (PAS)

Proximity Alert System is designed to enhance job site safety and reduce the risk of injury through active situational awareness.

PAS UnitPBE’s multi-range Proximity Alert System (PAS) is designed to enhance workplace safety by implementing the latest equipment, personnel and vehicle detection technology. The proximity detection system has been developed to minimize the risk of injury and possible loss of life due to the operation of heavy machinery near workers or other hazardous equipment and obstacles on job sites.

Proximity Alert System by PBE is the first proximity detection system to integrate above ground and below ground technologies into one complete solution covering multiple ranges with optimal accuracy. PAS has numerous applications for both surface and underground operations that enhance the operator’s situational awareness enabling a safer, and therefore more productive workplace.

The unique characteristics of the Proximity Alert System are:

  • Vehicle to vehicle collision and proximity detection

  • Vehicle to personnel collision and proximity detection

  • Vehicle to fixed asset collision and proximity detectionPAS Equipment

  • Personnel detection alert system

  • Hazardous area Geofencing capability

  • Audio and visual warnings

  • Real-time video surveillance

  • Multiple object recognition

  • Multiple detection technologies for redundancy and safety

  • Flexible user interface options

  • Detailed customizable reporting capabilities

With PAS, equipment operators can feel more secure even when their vision is partially obscured.  The proximity detection system can be set up so the system controller displays live video feed from mounted cameras and at the same time also display other objects detected on the PAS radar screen.

Using geofencing technology, a virtual perimeter that can be set up by defining a specific area using latitude and longitude coordinates, PAS can be used to alert drivers when they approach pre-defined physical hazards, including feeders, dump zones, load-outs, dangerousProximity Alert System travel ways, bottlenecks and more. The geofences act as invisible barriers providing alerts and warnings when equipment approaches, as well as indicating the known distance away from the custom designed border.

Proximity Alert System by PBE utilizes multiple technologies including RFID, GPS and near-field electromagnetics in asset and personnel detection. The user-friendly system also has a start-up system check and built-in system diagnostics to keep the system performing at peak efficiency to ensure each job site utilizing PAS is safer and more productive.

PAS provides detailed reporting capabilities enabling jobsites to not only improve safety via enabling peer to peer alerting, but also by providing management with data and reports to improve driver behavior and increase productivity.