Responsible Ventilation

Reduce energy and maintenance costs by adding a Responsible Ventilation system.

Utilizing PBE’s monitoring and control systems, the location of personnel and equipment in the mine can be determined and utilized to create zones to control the auxiliary fans of the ventilation system.   This fully automated system utilizes PBE tagging and tracking components to determine the real-time location of personnel and mobile equipment  and idle fans in areas where miners and diesel machines are not present.

As soon as mine personnel or mobile equipment enter a zone where the ventilation systems has been idled, the software, MineTracker can restart the fan or the control system will send a command through the existing SCADA software and restart the fans in this zone.  A command can also be sent from the control center prior to workers arriving at a particular zone and the system can be restarted before they arrive in this zone.

Eliminating the constant use of fans in unoccupied areas of the mine where personnel are not working will greatly reduce energy consumption by the mine and lower operating costs.  Additional cost savings will be realized by the reduction of maintenance on the fans due to the reduced run time of each unit and ultimately increase the life expectancy of each fan due to reduced hours of operation.