PBE Receives MSHA Approval

PBE receives MSHA approval on new bidirectional line amplifier for leaky feeder systems

BDA 4 Amplifier

The BDA-4 amplifier provides local and optional remote diagnostics to indicate the current state of the amplifier for ease of maintenance of a site’s leaky feeder system.  It supports voice and high speed data transmission, incorporates bidirectional amplifiers, has wired and wireless interconnectivity and a third auxiliary band. The BDA-4 amplifier’s third amplified band can be used for paging, radio or evacuation systems.

The BDA-4 amplifier also allows the PBE personnel and vehicle tracking system to become a hybrid solution by offering the underground tag reader enclosed in the amplifier.  This hybrid solution will further reduce the cost of adding key safety products such as underground tracking by eliminating the need for additional power and cabling requirements.

“The MSHA approval of the BDA-4 showcases the dedication of our design and engineering team at PBE to continually improve and provide new safety and productivity solutions for the mining and tunneling industries,” said Stuart Champion de Crespigny, CEO of The PBE Group. “The leaky feeder system performs optimally when each amplifier in the system is adjusted to minimize degradation of signal to noise ratio.  Our new BDA-4 amplifier has a provision for that adjustment to be made either manually or automatically that can be accomplished locally at the device or remotely from the surface allowing the device to operate autonomously after installation.”

The BDA-4 Bidirectional Line Amplifier is part of PBE’s leaky feeder system which provides a reliable and simple-to-use underground communications system.   The BDA-4 incorporates and provides:

  • Local and optional remote diagnostics
  • Built-in tag reader
  • Supports voice and high speed data transmission
  • Incorporates bidirectional amplifiers and a third auxiliary band
  • Has independent Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuits to overcome signal level changes and variation in system losses
  • Incorporates SAW filter design to increase bandwidth and provide superior RF performance
  • High noise immunity
  • Three multi-platform communications adapter (MPCA) slots
  • Wired and wireless interconnectivity

Production of the new BDA-4 amplifier will begin immediately and be available directly through PBE as well as through US distribution partners beginning April 1, 2014.

“Our team is excited to bring this approved product to market, further enhancing our complete safety and productivity system solution offerings in the United States,” said Steve Petrosky, VP of Sales – Americas, The PBE Group.  “The new BDA-4 is compatible with PBE’s MineBoss™ 2.0 Mine Wide Monitoring and Control System and it adds a hybrid solution that can be integrated without the need for additional power and cabling.  This addition to PBE’s product line further enhances options that can be used individually or combined with the already robust MineBoss™ system.”

PBE’s MineBoss™ monitors and controls atmospheric monitoring, personnel and vehicle tagging and tracking systems, equipment and vehicle telemetry, leaky feeder communication systems, conveyor belt monitoring systems, fire and dust suppression systems, power supplies and battery back-up, fans and air flow, weight scales, pump controls and can relay logic and analog signals from third party products.

For more information about the new BDA-4 amplifier visit www.pbegrp.com

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