Permanent Tunneling Environmental Monitoring

PBE environmental monitoring is the smart solution to take care of your personnel

PBE offers a wide range of environmental and gas monitoring systems that are capable of PBE 3700 - Tunneling Permanentmeasuring carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen, diesel particulates and more.

PBE’s environmental monitoring solutions are modular and can be combined with other systems and deployed on existing network infrastructure.  Individual gas unit’s options include wired, wireless, UHF, VHF, Bluetooth and 320 or 4800 Baud, 4 digital inputs, Transient Voltage Suppression / Data Line Isolators and4-20mA versions.

Environmental monitoring systems can be monitored and controlled using TunnelBoss.

PBE 3011 - Tunneling Permanent