Permanent Tunneling Tagging And Tracking

Tagging and Tracking improves safety and increases productivity

The PBE Tunneling Tracking and Tagging systems are capable of determining the location of personnel and equipment.  Stationary and portable tag readers (wireless or wired) are available for transmitting data over either leaky feeder communication systems (VHF or UHF) or over existing infrastructure without the need to install a new backbone.  Types of systems include:High Power Tag Reader - Permanent

  • Entry and Exit System (Access Control) – used to determine who entered the tunnel
  • Zonal Location – Providing information of which zone individuals and assets are currently located.
  • Real Time Monitoring – exact location of personnel and assets

Tracking information can be displayed, monitored and controlled using TunnelBoss, using PBE’s TunnelTracker software. TunnelTracker software provides real-time and last known location reporting using imported tunnel diagrams.   Collision avoidance can be included in vehicles as well and TunnelTracker has the ability to monitor speed, telemetry, oil pressure, temperature and more.

Other features offered with TunnelTracker include:Text and Taging - Permanent

  • Electronic Tag Board
  • Historic Playback
  • Reports
  • Alerting System
  • Asset / Hardware management
  • Access Security