Permanent Tunneling Infrastructure Technology

Flexible voice and data communications infrastructure that supports 3rd party applications and PBE’s product portfolio.

Underground Communications - PBE offers various backbone technologies to enable voice and data to be transported to the surface and displayed on TunnelBoss or other SCADA software packages. These networks are normally deployed as a combination of different technologies to meet the needs of all the application and services.

These underground communications technologies include:

  • Fibre Networks
  • Radiating Cable Networks
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Mesh Networks

These systems can be deployed to provide redundancy where communications is critical. This network infrastructure can be used by PBE’s extensive suite of safety and productivity solutions as well as 3rd party applications and devices.

Surface Communication – Local and Inter-tunnel linking can be provided with above ground networks including the use of microwave links, telephone networks and fibre connectivity. Also, surface links can be used to provide local connectivity.