Permanent Tunneling Voice and Data Communications

Engineers at PBE are the experts in underground voice and data communications and are able to design, integrate and support tunnel systems

PBE can provide the complete spectrum of voice communication networks, integrated onto a single system and monitored and controlled from a single point. Examples of the voice communications services and networks that PBE deploys are:


  • RF Systems Design
  • PLC Design
  • SCADA Design
  • WSN Design
  • Wi-Fi and Mesh Networks design
  • Solar Systems Design
  • Sites Preparations and Surveys

Voice Communications

  • Mobile Networks and Architectures
  • TETRA Networks
  • AM and FM Broadcast in Tunnels
  • Microwave Networks
  • SIP and Telephone Networks
  • Voice over IP Networks
  • PA systems
  • Voice Dispatch Console Applications

Data Communications

  • IT and IP Networking
  • RFoFiber and Fiber Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Data Protocols and Applications
  • CCTV and IP Video Systems
  • TDM and TDMoIP Networks