System Monitoring and Control - TunnelBoss

TunnelBoss.  It's the single control and monitoring system for your tunnel systems and applications.


TunnelBoss is a full-scale, centralized control system that tunnel contractors can rely on for everything from basic atmospheric monitoring to complex, real-time operations information that allows operators to quickly leverage production data with more intelligence. The system can be used for both temporary system deployment and also permanent systems.

TunnelBoss monitors and controls atmospheric monitoring, tagging and tracking systems, leaky feeder communication systems, belt and conveyor systems, fire and dust suppression systems, power supplies and battery back-up, fans and air flow, weight scales, pump controls and can relay logic and analog signals from third party products.

TunnelBoss provides the integration and visibility for site-wide activity and allows control from a centralized location for a more efficient and safer tunnel environment. Designed with a user-friendly navigation interface, TunnelBoss provides audible and visual warnings and alarms, contains an integral database management system and is designed with future scalability and mobility in mind.

Customized Software Development

TunnelBoss has been designed as a single platform for all PBE’s systems and 3rd party devices. However, every tunnel is different and each has specific requirements regarding the control, monitoring and reporting of all the systems deployed. Since the software is developed by our team of expert software engineers, we continually work with customers on enhancing the system to meet their needs and requirements.

We look at delivering the complete solution as a partnership with the contractor and tunnel owners, working with them on developing the optimum solution. Contact PBE to discuss your requirements and let us design your system for the future.