The PBE Group Tunneling Permanent Solutions

PBE integration provides voice, data, safety and productivity systems, including tunnel-wide monitoring and control systems.

For the fit out of a tunnel, PBE is able to offer a variety of technologies and applications to provide the complete solution including a single Monitoring and Control System – TunnelBoss. PBE is the one supplier for complete data and voice ownership. The main system offerings can be defined as those manufactured by PBE and the integration of 3rd party solutions.

Solutions manufactured by PBE that can be deployed in a permanent tunnel environment include:

  • Tunnel Infrastructure Technologies for Voice and Data
  • Voice Communications
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Tagging and Tracking
  • Ventilation, Fan and Pump Control
  • Emergency Alerting Systems and Fixed Telephone points

Each of these can be monitored and controlled using PBE’s monitoring and control solution, TunnelBoss.