Leaky Feeder

Reliable and Time-Tested Technology for Push-to-Talk Radio Voice Communication and Robust Data Backhaul

Leaky Feeder systems offer clear two-way radio communication and high-speed data transfer capabilities throughout your underground complex.

PBE’s Leaky Feeder System can be tailored to specific site requirements to provide the best radio coverage and data communications. This two-way radio system can provide complete communications coverage for your site, including above ground surface coverage. PBE offers design, supply, testing and commissioning of temporary and permanent communication infrastructures for underground mines, tunnels, plants and buildings. PBE provides a wide range of leaky feeder system options: conventional leaky feeder system, CMTS system, permanent radiating cable network and hybrid networks.

Features of the PBE’s Leaky Feeder Systems include:

Leeky Feeder Technology

  • Reliable and robust backbone for voice and data
  • High speed data connectivity with PBE Centrian (CMTS) System
  • Local and remote diagnostics
  • Centralized control using PBE Vantage Software




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