Conventional Leaky Feeder

Conventional Leaky Feeder for Voice and Data Control Signals for Deployment in Harsh Conditions

PBE have been supplying leaky Feeder systems for over 25 years and have hundreds of systems and thousands of kilometres of reliable voice and data communications globally.
The system provides reliable voice communications in harsh conditions, with cable repaired by non-technical staff to allow simplistic and cost effective maintenance. The system can also carry small amounts of data to the surface and provide controls of systems such as wireless tracking, gas monitoring etc.
Network monitoring using our propriety control and monitoring software ‘Vantage’ provides remote diagnostics and calibration of the network as well as monitoring PBE and other 3rd party devices.

  • Continuous and reliable coverage along leaky feeder cables
  • Multiple amplifiers can be powered from a single power supply
  • Amplifiers powered directly from leaky feeder line which eliminates additional cable installation.
  • Wireless tracking interconnectivity on select amplifiers
  • Reliable data applications for control and monitoring using PBE ‘Vantage’ software
  • Remote diagnostics and calibration of the network
  • VHF
  • UHF
  • Automatic and Manual Gain Controls Modes
Leeky Feeder Technology
  • UHF and VHF systems available
  • Local diagnostics on amplifiers
  • Optional remote diagnostics
  • Drive by diagnostics
  • Downlink auxiliary bands
  • Ground loop detection
  • Data capabilities for tracking, gas detection, control, ventilation management

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Vantage Control System