‘PBE FLEET’ Fleet Management System

Improving operational efficiency by increasing production and reducing costs

PBE FLEET, our industry leading Fleet Management System (FMS) extracts, records and presents crucial operational data for the monitoring and management of a mining fleet. This enables all levels of the mining operation to have the knowledge to support quick and effective decisions.

PBE FLEET is a suite of specialized software modules running on a rugged Nexis computing platform, which is installed on-board the mining fleet with GPS and wireless mesh capabilities. Nexis links on-board vehicle systems back to the office for real-time management of your fleet. Operators engage  through the in-cab screens.

The unique characteristics of the PBE FLEET are:

Production – providing a real-time snapshot across the entire site production fleet, utilizing user-friendly   graphic visualization tools:

  • Automated data capture in real-time
  • Enables immediate feedback
  • Operator feedback for optimal loading
  • Haul cycle data logging

Maintenance – delivers real-time equipment health data and events:

  • Interface to on-board VMS for real-time health data
  • Monitor & manage machine abuse
  • Monitor & manage overloading
  • Increase availability of equipment

Guidance – machine guidance to improve operational accuracy:

  • Compliance with design surface
  • Improve payload distribution
  • Improved dig location
  • Improve material management

User Experience – in-cabin and office-based software tools allowing the user to access data in real-time. All data can be exported in various formats to be further analyzed.

  • iControl is a map based visualization tool combining data from various sources to produce a complete
  • iReport presents real-time production and maintenance data on a dashboard


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