SCADA/Telemetry Networks

RTU’s & Software Designed to Streamline Operations and Ensure Site Safety

Person Using a Telemetry NetworkCustomer telemetry needs are diverse and dynamic. PBE offers a wide spectrum of systems that provide reliable, scalable and inherently flexible solutions to meet these increasingly complex mandates. The modular SCADA based hardware can interface with Ethernet and RF networks ensuring seamless connectivity to existing infrastructure.

The Vantage software platform, developed by PBE, provides a sophisticated centralized user friendly navigation interface allowing intelligent control, monitoring and reporting facilities. PBE’s team of engineering experts continually work with customers to enhance and expand on available features and functionalities such as:


Vantage Control System

  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Ventilation Management
  • Evacuation and emergency alerting stations
  • Pump and motor control
  • Fire and dust suppression
  • Conveyor Belt and Ore Management
  • Leaky Feeder Diagnosis

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Vantage Specification Sheet
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