Monitoring & Control Systems

Centralized web based monitoring and control system for maximum control and safety in underground environments

PBE's Vantage software is designed to allow users to monitor real time data from a site remotely and accurately. Vantage allows for tracking, telemetry monitoring, alerting, and reporting of data to users. It can be configured to accept telemetry from almost any device via custom developed drivers. Capable of importing CAD maps and image files the mapping software offers a 2D GUI with icons. Vantage also offers historical playback of the data reported to replay a set timeframe. Reports are customizable and exportable to multiple common formats.
The user configuration manager allows for user defined roles to grant or restrict access to and from all modules and features of those modules. The Electronic Tag Board module offers a tagging system designed to track assets that are checked in or out, while the Asset Summary module provides a list of assets with user selected telemetry streams and configurable alerts. Vantage provides location tracking and tagging, telemetry monitoring, ventilation control and reporting off data to users.

  • Suitable for worksites, depots, temporary possessions, mines and hazardous areas
  • Accurate range and direction for all vehicles, personnel, obstacles and assets
  • Seamless operation above and below ground
  • Convenient local configuration or user friendly software for future download
  • Compatible with SCADA applications
  • Audio and visual warnings
Monitoring & Control System
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Databases
  • Web
  • Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • SMTP
  • Reporting
Vantage Control System
  • Compatible with PBE’s hardware and other third party solutions
  • Able to be accessed via the internet with user defined access limitations
  • Capable of emailing reports on alerts to user defined emails
  • Displays live tracking data on multiple maps
  • Able to generate reports at predefined intervals and then email those reports to user defined emails
  • Provides playback of events that occurred in the past

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Vantage Control System