Positive Train Control

A 220 MHz and LTE Positive Train Control Safety System to Enhance Safety and Improve Operational Performance

Positive Train Control (PTC) Systems help in preventing accidents caused by train operators or dispatcher errors and characteristics include:

  • Train separation or collision avoidance
  • Line speed enforcement
  • Temporary speed restrictions
  • Rail worker wayside safety

Providing the required radio coverage in railroad tunnels often presents a challenge especially for real-time applications like PTC. PBE offers a Positive Train Control Safety System (PTC) that provides 220 MHz/LTE signals re-broadcast over radiating cable into the railroad tunnels.

For longer coverage PBE customises solution based on the tunnel configuration/customer requirement. PBE positive train controls technology provides amplifiers to extend the coverage inside the tunnel. Remote monitoring and diagnostics is offered by PBE to view the status and health of the system. Providing this level of control not only increases safety but also provide significant maintenance reduction costs.



Leaky feeder network using state of art simplex amplifiers for 220 MHz coverage
Hybrid radiating cable/ Fiber DAS solution for 220MHz and LTE coverage
Optional integrated Cable Break Detection System, providing automated switching on fault conditions to maintain coverage



  • Extends 220MHz/LTE radio signals in the railroad tunnels for PTC
  • Low latency amplifier design
  • Uninterrupted data communication
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote tuning for simplistic installation and maintenance
  • Integrated with DP (distributed power) and EOT (end of train) functionality


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