An Integrated Solution for Safety, Communications & Data and Power Solution for Harsh Conditions

Our focus at the PBE Group is now to provide an integrated solution to mines, tunnel and major construction sites globally for safety, communications and power as a manufacturer of robust and reliable products and an integrator of the infrastructure required.
As we have grown the business over the last 50 years, our technologies have been proven in a variety of markets. Each has a reliance on safety and productivity, and we have maintained our focus on:

  • Safety Products that are designed and manufactured in house
  • Communications & Data Infrastructure
  • Power Solutions

From our background in mining, we have spent the last 15 years serving the tunneling industry and more recently applied our technologies and know-how to other industries such as Construction, Rail, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Forestry.
See how PBE can help you create a safer working environment and a more productive company.

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