Integrated Power & Safety Solutions for Harsh Construction Environments

PBE has always provided innovative construction solutions. We have supported some of the largest construction efforts in the world such as the Panama Canal expansion project. Our experience with the many and varied construction projects in all parts of the world gives us the ability to custom design engineered solutions for any project.

Our plug and play systems for Power and Safety serve construction well with the use of temporary power boards, reticulation systems, lighting and generators, proximity detection etc. We can provide a complete solution for your project’s electrical power requirements and a safety solution that creates a safer and more productive work site. Our solutions are scalable and easy to install and maintain. This reduces cost and allows our customers to get to work ahead of schedule.

PBE liaises with the utilities, power and other regulatory companies/agencies around the world to facilitate our customer connections to the grid. Our temporary utility switchrooms, substations and system designs ensure your power systems integrity and compliance with regional and international standards. We provide project specific solutions to construction power requirements. These highly engineered solutions are developed to a fail-safe level to minimize risk in even the harshest environments.
From a safety perspective, our integrated construction solution will protect the workforce in hazardous environments including proximity detection/collision avoidance, tracking of personnel and assets and entry/exit systems.

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