Integrated Power, Communications & Safety Solutions for Railway Works and Station/Tunnel Construction Projects

PBE’s integrated solution for Power, Communications and Safety has been deployed on a vast amount of railway stations works (new construction & upgrades) and tunnel construction projects globally, with examples being the temporary power and communications provision for the London Crossrail project and working with major US railroad companies deploying regulated tunnel safety systems. Our primary focus is the provision of temporary solutions during construction phases or during defined works, maintaining safety and provide connectivity and power in harsh environments.

PBE Safety & Communications for Rail

PBE provide permanent and temporary safety and communications solutions to the rail industry for tunnel/station construction and to support works being carried out. Solutions include:

Communications Infrastructure – A complete portfolio of voice and data communications options including VHF/UHF with emergency services connectivity, LTE, Mest Networks, fibre infrastructure etc.

Tagging & Tracking – Personnel and assets tracking including entry and exit system infrastructure

Environmental Monitoring – Required during construction of tunnels, PBE offer the complete manufactured range of environmental monitoring equipment

Positive Train Control – Preventing accidents caused by train operators or dispatcher errors, regulated in the US and other international markets

Emergency Alerting Stations – An emergency alert response system is essential in a harsh construction environment, integrated within the communications and data infrastructure

PBE Power

PBE Power provide temporary power solutions for the use in rail/subway station builds and tunnel construction projects, including substations, switchrooms, cables, couplers etc. These can be provided on a hire or sale basis to meet project financial requirements.



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