Tunnelling Permanent Solutions

Permanent Infrastructure for Tunnelling for Communications & Data Infrastructure and Safety Solutions

Our success manufacturing robust, safety oriented and technologically advanced products for the harsh mining environments meant expanding our market to tunnelling was a natural progression. PBE has now been active in the tunnelling market for more than 15 years.

Having the ability to work in the construction field has allowed PBE to deploy permanent infrastructure, where additional importance is placed on design, project management and delivery.

This is where ownership of projects becomes a true differentiator. Permanent systems by there nature require a higher level of interoperability with other 3rd party systems. PBE are willing to take ownership of complete project delivery, whether it’s with our own equipment, supply of dedicated 3rd party products or integration with other systems.

PBE can offer a complete range of equipment for tunnelling that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Communications & Data Infrastructure (Fixed Voice Systems, PA, CCTV, Fibre, Radiating Cable Networks, Mesh Networks, Wi-Fi, LTE etc.)
  • Safety Equipment (Environmental Monitoring Tagging & Tracking, Linear Heat Detection etc.)

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