Model EG Ethernet Gateway

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The Model EG (Ethernet Gateway) provides an interface to the Mesh Tracking Network and provides tracking data itself.

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Product Description

PBE’s Ethernet Gateway communicates the tracking data from all Mesh Tracking Networks within range back to the Head End via an ethernet connection. An integrated battery allows reliable communications and tracking information, even during a power outage.

The Model EG is compatible with all PBE tag equipment including any PAS (Proximity Alert System) hardware. Additionally, PAS hardware will detect the Model EG. This enables PAS to activate alerts, braking, and other actions when in proximity to the Model EG.

Product Features

Input Voltage 16 - 24 VDC
Normal Power Consumption 1.6W
Battery Backup Max Duration 48 hours
External RFID Connection Female SMA
Operating Temperature 0° to 60 ° C | 32° to 140 °F
Enclosure Dimensions 267 x 216 x 170 mm (10.5 in x 8.5 in x 6.69 in)
Tracking System 10-bit or 32-bit
Warranty 12 months
RFID Range Estimation 60m
RFID Accuracy Estimation Zonal Awareness
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