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Cable Repair Workshops for the Mining Industry Providing a Complete Service for Repair and Maintenance Globally


PBE Cable Repair Workshops were founded in 1982 and have extensive experience in repairing high and low tension cables, control cables, data cables, communication cables, and of course electrical reeling and trailing cables globally.

PBE have developed strong relationships with our mining customers over the years has ensured we tailor our services to best meet their specific requirements.

At PBE we respond to the changing needs of the Coal and Hard Rock Industries allowing us to further enhance and customize services. Our focus is on providing a quality and cost effective service to our customers. Our workshops in Australia are licensed and ISO 9001 certified and fully equipped with a large range of specialist cable handling equipment including:

  • Fixed cable reelers with a capacity to take cable drums up to 10 tonnes
  • Purpose built skids for transporting cable
  • Cable transport vehicles ranging from 2 to 18 tonne capacity
  • Trucks with mounted cable reelers
  • Mobile repair vehicles equipped to perform repairs and testing on site

Inspections and Tests Conducted

Inspection and testing is conducted in accordance with Australian New Zealand Standard 1747 which is recognized globally for the repair of cables used in hazardous areas.

The PBE cable repair workshops can provide cable repairs, fault finding and testing, plug and coupler maintenance and fitting, terminations, low and high voltage splicing, cable sales new or refurbished, site cable audits and statistical reporting.

In addition, we carry out the following tests:

  • Phase rotation and continuity tests
  • Insulation resistance test
  • High voltage proof test
  • High voltage fault location test
  • Symmetrical load test
  • Partial break test
  • Sheath integrity test
  • Sheath hardness test

PBE are also industry leaders in the design and manufacture of specialised testing equipment.


The PBE Cable Repair Workshops have a prominent presence in most major coal mining areas in Australia, including Lithgow (NSW), Emerald (QLD), Mackay (QLD), Moranbah (QLD) in addition to our major facility in Rutherford (NSW).

We have successfully conducted cable repair and testing projects globally and have the experience and presence to support any mine site. As part of the PBE Group we also provide our high quality services for our tunnelling customers.


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