PBE – Couplers

Reliable and Robust Low and Medium Voltage Cable Connections Suitable for Mining, Tunnelling and Industrial Applications

PBE manufactures reliable and robust low and medium voltage cable connections suitable for mining, tunnelling and industrial applications under the CouplerCo brand. These are either 11kV/800A or 22-25kV/425A.

Our electrical cable couplers are designed and manufactured using state of the art digital techniques delivering superior mechanical attributes and exceptional electrical performance with ease of fitting and maintenance has been incorporated into coupler design.

Our products have been fully tested and certified against Australian and International Standards, including Ex certification where appropriate. We are a manufacturer of IECEx and ANZEx certified electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

PBE products are designed within the requirements of: IECex – IEC 60079, IEC 60093, IEC 60112, IEC 60243, IEC 60502-4 Edition 3.0 2010-12, IEC 60529, IEC 61442 Second Edition 2005-03, AS/NZS 60079.18, AS/NZS 1300:2009, ISO 9001:2009, ISO/IEC 80079-34, AS 60529-2004, AS/NZS 1300:2009.

Product Portfolio:

11kV Aluminium Bolted Coupler

11kV Adaptor | Gear Mount

22kV Aluminium Bolted Coupler

22kV Adaptor | Gear Mount

11kV Ex-d Bolted Coupler

11kV Ex-d Adaptor | Gear Mount

11kV Ex-d Insulated End Cover

Pilot Joiner Removal Tool

22kV Phase Joiner

11kV Phase Joiner

22kV Pin Kit – 35mm

22kV Pin Kit – 300mm

22kV Pin Kit – 240mm

22kV Pin Kit – 185mm

22kV Pin Kit – 150mm

22kV Pin Kit – 120mm

22kV Pin Kit – 95mm

22kV Pin Kit – 70mm

22kV Pin Kit – 50mm

11kV Pin Kit – 327mm

11kV Pin Kit – 300mm

11kV Pin Kit – 240mm

11kV Pin Kit – 185mm

11kV Pin Kit – 150mm

11kV Pin Kit – 120mm

11kV Pin Kit – 95mm

11kV Pin Kit – 70mm

11kV Pin Kit – 50mm

11kV Pin Kit – 35mm

Compression Gland – 73-82mm

Compression Gland – 65-74mm

Compression Gland – 56-68mm

Compression Gland – 44-57mm

Compression Gland – 34-44.5mm

Compression Gland – 26-34.5mm

Compression Gland – 20-26.5mm

Compression Gland – 15-20.5mm

Compression Gland – 11-15mm

Compression Gland – 7-11mm

Compression Gland – 3-8mm

Compression Gland – 2-6mm

Slide Hammer



Features & Benefits:

Features and benefits common to all our couplers include:

  • Removable face which is replaceable without having to re-terminate the coupler reducing maintenance costs
  • Phase pins up to 300mm (Ex) and 500mm (stainless steel) catering for all common cable sizes
  • 800A capacity for run cool operation
  • Gender neutral so no cable orientation required
  • Fitted silicon phase shrouds that expel air, dust and moisture from contact area
  • Silver plated fitted pins and connectors for maximum conductivity
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • Modular design allowing for reduced inventory
  • Metal phase separation to eliminate phase to phase faults
  • For the Ex option, certified thus no local retesting required

For more information on PBE CouplerCo products, including a product configurator and addition product information and datasheets, visit our specialist site at http://www.seamlessmining.com.au/


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