22kV Adaptor


PBE Mining – CouplerCo provide reliable and robust low and medium voltage cable connections suitable for mining, tunneling and industrial applications. Our adaptors are designed and manufactured using state of the art digital techniques which has resulted in superior mechanical attributes and exceptional electrical performance that far exceeds the requirements of Australian standards.

Ease of fitting and maintenance has been incorporated into our adaptor design; this combined with a stylish appearance makes our adaptors your number one choice.



  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Cable Clamp Saddle: Alloy Steel
  • Primary Seals: Silicone Rubber
  • Sealing Grommets: Silicone Rubber
  • Fasteners: Stainless Steel
  • Handles: Stainless Steel
  • Phase Connectors: Silver Plated Copper



  • Rated Voltage: 22kV
  • Rated Current: 425A
  • Weight (unfilled): 19kg
  • Overall Length: 465mm
  • Height (at flange): 254mm
  • Width (at flange): 254mm
  • Cable Capacity: 40mm Dia
  • Available with 4 bolt face only