Distribution Boards

Distribution Control Boards, Lighting Power Distribution Systems and Ring Main Units to Support our Extensive Range of Power Solutions for Hire and Sale

Distribution Control Board

Commonly known as DCB’s, Load Centres or Gate End Boxes, these units are designed in Australia and provide the maximum protection for compact LV distribution centres at 415V and 1000V-1100V units. The DCB provides distribution for up to 8 outlets and can be the main LV hub in an area of operation.


Lighting and Power Distribution Systems

PBE have developed temporary lighting and power distribution systems that can be used in a range of applications, we can provide a solution for your requirement. 3.3kV – 415V distribution systems are available utilising Lighting and Distribution Boards with Mains Cabling and pre-wired weatherproof polycarbonate Light Fittings with LED options available.

Ring Main Units

PBE ring main units come in a variety of configurations and are available in indoor and outdoor arrangements. They are generally used downstream in HV distribution systems to enable an uninterrupted power supply. Our hire units are semi mobile and can be provided in a plug and play style configuration

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