Generators & Transformers

Electrical Generators & Power Transformers for Hire & Sale


PBE can supply a comprehensive range of distribution and power transformers to customer specifications for either sale or hire. PBE Transformer Services will also take care of all your transformers needs. Our team of experienced technicians provide a range of services, both on site and from our workshop facilities and are available 24 hours 7 days a week.


Transformer Services Include:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Oil analysis – NATA accredited laboratory
  • Transformer oil replacement & filtration
  • Thermography
  • Protection testing
  • Transformer overhauls



PBE can supply a comprehensive range of containerised or canopy type generators, that can be custom built to comply with specific customer requirements. The generator designs are available in a range of configurations that can provide the power requirements that are needed for the job, whether for prime power or emergency standby applications. The generator systems are modular and can be fed into a containerised transformer substation system to provide the specific voltage supplies required for your project site. Stock units are available for short term or long term hire.

Typical Specifications Include:

  • 250kVA Canopy Type Generators
  • 500kVA Canopy Type Generators
  • 1000kVA Containerised Generators
  • 1250kVA Containerised Generators
  • 1500kVA Containerised Generators
  • 4 MVA 415V/11,000V – Containerised Transformer Substations


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For more information about PBE Generators and Transformers

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