Auxillary Fans

Heavy Duty and High Specification Auxiliary Ventilation Fans

PBE offer Mine Auxiliary Ventilation Fans which are manufactured to our high quality and specifications. They comply with Australian Mines Regulations and Mechanical Design Guidelines (MDG3) and Queensland Department of Mineral Resources Industries. These units have been specifically designed to be an effective portable mine auxiliary ventilation fans for the mining and tunnelling environments.

PBE Mine Auxiliary Ventilation Fans come in various brands and sizes ranging from 13m³/ sec to 23m³/sec with up to 160kW of power.

All units have been specifically engineered, configured and manufactured as standard ‘side discharge’ type offering the lowest height assembly with the flameproof starter which can be mounted on your preferred side of the fan to the Mines ventilation plan. The fan is mounted on a skid based main chassis assembly with fork tyne and a robust protective crash frame. Wheels (x4) have been installed for the purpose of stability and mobility and each fan has an “A” type towing frame for ease of transportation.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Wheel and axle assemblies with size options
  • Inlet & Discharge Adaptors
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Low Noise Silencer attachments
  • Protective Crash Frame rated for lifting
  • 1000V Exd Flame Proof Electric Motors
  • Exd Flame Proof Main Control Panels
  • Fully rated ‘A’ type towing frame
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • High Aerodynamic Efficiency
  • High Volume & Pressure Output
  • Designed & Manufactured by Specialised Experienced Industrial Fan Companies
  • Latest Generation Machine Watch Electrics
  • AS/NZ 4871 Compliant
  • Electrically and mechanically tested in AS3800 workshop
  • Low particle Build up Impeller Designs
  • Variable Inlet Vane
  • High Efficiency Inlet Vane Design
  • Site Operation & Maintenance Training
  • Qualified Experienced Service Technicians
  • Dilution Valve Degassing Assembly
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Bearing vibration monitoring
  • Methane (CH4) monitoring

For more information about PBE Auxiliary Fans

Auxiliary Fan Specification Sheet