Miniature Tunnel Substations (MTS)

MTS Electrical Substation - Provision of Low Voltage Power in the Tunnel Construction Environment

 MTS SubstationMTS SERIES Miniature Tunnel Substation

The MTS series unit has been designed to operate at voltages below 1100V. Commonly used in mining and tunnelling applications the MTS is capable of distribution over long distances. Utilising standard voltages of 1000V and 415V the design enables the user to power remote machinery whilst remaining in the low voltage range.

The MTS are ideal for tunnels with a need for Low voltages such as 1000V and 415V. With Step-Up and Step Down capability the MTS is very versatile and a must have on sites where 415V needs to be distributed over distances.

 MTS Substation

  • Rated Voltage 380V -1000V
  • Rated Power 150kVA – 315kVA
  • Weight 1400kg – 1650kg
  • Length 3023mm, Height 1495mm – 1547mm, Width 800mm
  • 8mm mild steel plate welded skid design
  • 2-5mm mild steel
  • Continuous welded electrical enclosure & powder coated option


The MTS Substation is manufactured using 8mm mild steel plate welded skid design and 2-5mm mild steel, continuous welded electrical enclosure. Stainless steel units can be powder coated as an option.

Electrical Design

415V – 1000V rated MCCBs are used for power distribution and protection with access to switching on each side. Indications include ammeter, alarm indications and Tx monitoring.


Available Options:

  • Customer Spec Socket Outlets
  • Remote Fault Indication
  • Digital Metering
  • External and Internal LED Lighting
  • Back-Up Earth Leakage
  • Pilot/Earth Continuity Protection
  • Up to six (6) Outgoing Outlets
  • Tunnel Lighting Supplies
  • Blast Shield LED Flood Lights


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MTS Specification
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