Containerised Switchrooms & Motor Control Centres Developed to Distribute all Ranges of Power for Heavy Industry, Construction and Tunnelling Projects

Containerised Switchrooms & Motor Control Centres (CSR Series)

Switch RoomPBE containerised switchrooms have been developed to distribute all ranges of power for heavy industry, construction and tunnelling projects and operations. The containerised design provides a compact and easily transported unit that is modular in design. The containerised switch-room provides a solution for immediate connection to the electrical grid without the need for permanent installations. This can be advantageous for construction sites that require temporary power for equipment.
There are two distinct types; the MV/HV Switchrooms and the LV motor control centres. Both utilise switchboard arrangements that are installed in the containerised unit.


  • Switch RoomRated Voltage 6.6kV – 22kV
  • Rated Power 315kVA – 6MVA
  • Weight 4T – 10T
  • Length 4000mm – 9000mm, Height 1650mm -1800mm, Width 1000mm – 1100mm


  • 3-10mm mild steel ISO container
  • Continuous welded electrical enclosures
  • Anti-corrosion treated
  • Fire safety doors
  • Non slip internal floors
  • Transport certifications
  • Suitability rated lifting points

MV / HV Switchroom

Our medium voltage and high voltage containerised switchroom vary in accordance to the specifications requested. We utilise SF6 and Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Load Break Switches and Bus Tie arrangements. The number of distribution points varies from different brands of switch gear. Battery Chargers on the control supply are standard and many options are available for the accessories included.


Switch RoomDimensions are in accordance with ISO container standards to provide easy transportation, with no need for flat rack shipping or oversize special transport. The access to the transformer compartment is provided by mechanically bolted doors and covers, fitted with safety switches. All modules, made according to IEC standards have Incoming and Outgoing supplies from beneath or via side entry with glanded or adaptor entry fittings. Natural ventilation is obtained with suitable slats protection.

LV Motor Control Centres

Motor Control Centres are typically low voltage however motors are common up to the 3.3kV level in heavy industry. Our designs encompass the requirement from our customers. We utilise vacuum circuit breakers or air circuit breakers for the control centres.

Electrical Design

  • Conforming to Australian and International Standards
  • Integrated protection relays
  • Single or Dual feed with Bus tie option
  • Custom builds are available to meet customer specification or provide the solution to specific outcomes
  • Easy lifting for handling on site, the unit is structurally sound and kept within mechanical limitations. ISO locking corners, lifting points and forklift
  • Copper bus are suitably rated and meet Australian Standards, conductive grease is utilised in connections
  • Lighting and small power outlets are standard


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CSR Specification Sheet
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