1960-1961 VHF-UHF Head End Unit

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The Head End Unit processes data from radio systems, which can be used for remote monitoring and control of equipment using PBE Vantage.

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Product Description

The Model 1960 (VHF) and Model 1961 (UHF) Head End Units are radio transceivers capable of sending and receiving RS232 data over a radio link.

Data processed through the Head End Unit can be used to remotely monitor and control equipment using PBE Vantage. The device has a 19” rack-mountable 2RU chassis for convenient installation. Status LEDs for power, transmit, and receive are visible on the front of the Head End Unit. Power and RS232 connections are located on the back of the unit.

Product Features

Operating Voltage 11.5 - 14 Volts DC
TX Output Power 1960: 1.2 Watts (max) or 30.8 dBm, 1961: 0.5 Watts (max) or 27 dBm
TX Frequency Range 1960: 140-180 MHz 1961: 400-512 MHz
RX Frequency Range 1960: 140-180 MHz 1961: 400-512 MHz
Channel Bandwidth 100 kHz
Transmit / Receive Connector Female N-Type
Data Connector RS-232 9-pin D-SUB DE-9 Female
Baud Rate 4800 – 38400 (4800 Default)
Chassis Type 19” 2RU
Enclosure Dimensions 89 (H) x 432 (W) x 203 (D) mm (3.5 (H) x 17 (W) x 8 (D) in)
Weight 2.15 kg (4.74 lbs)
Warranty 1 year
Weight 2.15 kg (4.74 lbs)
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