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Monitor the location and safety of on-site personnel with unique ID number tracking.

The multi-purpose Model 1980(920)-N provides for the tracking of personnel and allows advisory and panic conditions to alert on the PBE Vantage platform.

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Product Description

This device transmits a unique ID number once every 8 seconds which is received by any PBE tag reader in range and is reported to Vantage monitoring and control system. The internal battery is rated for 2 years of operation before the unit requires replacement (based on normal usage).

Built into the unit is a “request assistance” button with two modes of operation.

The first is an advisory condition activated by a 1-4 second press. In this mode, Vantage alerts the computer operator by displaying the information of the asset assigned to that tag.

If the request assistance button is pressed for longer than 5 seconds it goes in to panic mode and remains locked in this state for approximately 20 minutes. In this condition the computer screen goes red and persistently displays the details of the tag in panic.

Product Features

Dimensions In Pouch -3-3/8” x 2-11/16” x 1-9/16” No Pouch - 2-13/16” x 2-3/16” x 5/8”
Weight In Pouch - 3.1 oz. No Pouch - 1.8 oz.
Material Black ABS Plastic
Trans LED Indicator Blue Asynchronous beacon
Pushbutton Advisory & Panic Conditions
Ingress Protection IP50
Transmitter 868 MHz, 924 MHz
Frequency Power 3.6 V high energy lithium battery
Output Power 100mW max, 35-50mW average
Tag ID 32 bits
Data Integrity Transmit Rate 1 pulse/8 seconds
Warranty 1 year
Weight In Pouch - 3.1 oz. No Pouch - 1.8 oz.
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