3340/3280 Wireless CO Monitors

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Models 3240/3280 are Smart Remote CO Gas Monitors capable of measuring ambient gas concentrations.

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Product Description

The Model 3240 UHF and 3280 VHF Smart Remotes are MSHA approved environmental gas monitors capable of measuring ambient gas concentrations. These units have a variety of features that make them powerful and easy to use. An internal embedded controller provides digital calibration functionality that eliminates the need for analog trimming. Alarm and warning set points, alarm delay time, and the ability to set a user pass code configured directly through the keypad. This eliminates unnecessary opening of the enclosure to configure the unit after the initial installation. Even calibration can be completed without opening the unit.

Both units feature plug-in communications cards, 24-volt alarm drivers, digital inputs, line voltage monitoring, and temperature sensors. The gas monitors are supplied in a rugged water/dust resistant case with sealable wire entries and mounting tabs. Expired gas sensors can be easily replaced, giving the unit a long lifespan.

These Smart Remotes are designed to work with PBE Vantage to continually report the concentration of measurable CO. With its battery backup and wireless communications, the units can be placed in areas where gas concentrations must be monitored during loss of power situations. Conditions such as alarm latch set, warning latch set, test switch active, calibration procedure active, temperature, digital inputs, voltage, and sensor disconnected are reported to Vantage System Administration (VSA). In addition, alarms may be activated or
reset from either VSA or Vantage.

The Models 3240 and 3280 will also communicate over UHF or VHF leaky feeder systems. They can be wired into existing gas monitoring systems and placed in strategic locations to continue to report gas levels during a fan down condition.

Product Features

Operating Voltage 12-24 Volts DC
Current 5000 mA
Output Power 250 mW
Battery 12 VOLT 6.5 AMP HR
Frequency UHF or VHF
Display LCD 4 character, .5” high, wide viewing angle
Enclosure Nonmetallic, high impact molded material with hinged covers. Rated NEMA 1-2-3S-4-4X-12-13, in-door/outdoor applications.
Dimensions 10” x 8” x 6 7/8”
Approval MSHA
Warranty 90 days
UHF Wireless CO Monitor Model 3240
VHF Wireless CO Monitor Model 3280
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