Cordless Charging Rack

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PBE’s Stainless Steel Cordless Charging Racks come complete with built in DC charger and 2 LED indication points, and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit site requirements

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Product Description

PBE’s Cordless Charging Rack is manufactured with 430 BA or 3CR12 stainless steel. All materials used in the rack are flame retardant and self extinguishable.

The supply enclosure located on top of the cap lamp rack is complete with circuit breakers, fan, pilot light and built in DC charger with activated surge current limiting, overload, over temperature and short circuit protection.

The rack is also equipped with 2 LED indication PC cards to accommodate individual LED cap lamp batteries, and all DC connections are double isolated

Product Features

Input Voltage 220 VAC
Output Voltage 5 VDC
Max load from mains input 20A
Min load from mains input 6A
Nom load from mains input 12A
Holding current 1.1A
Tripping current 2.2A
Power 4400W (Max) 1320W (Min)
PSU Type Centralised
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