Evacuation Alarm System

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PBE’s Emergency Alarm Station provides audio and visual alerts for non-intrinsically safe applications as well as communication

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Product Description

The Emergency Alarm Station requires only external AC power and provides battery backup. The internal mains charger enables the batteries to be continuously charged. During a power outage, the EAS runs in DC backup mode with full functionality; once power is restored, the batteries will slowly recharge until fully restored.

The Emergency Alarm Station enables site supervisors to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency, from the head rack. By enabling the alarm at the head rack (hardware available separately), the site supervisor is able to remotely activate the EAS’s located throughout the mine and alert workers of an emergency. This is achieved by a constant carrier being transmitted from the head rack down to the EAS’s in the system. In the event that a worker or safety officer in local proximity to an EAS wishes to disable the alarm sounder/strobe, the enable/disable switch can be used.

The Emergency Alarm Station is also equipped with a two-way communication system with an internal data radio modem (frequencies vary by model). Antenna ports are mounted on top of the enclosure to utilize the internal radio modem. The EAS features both a labeled speaker and microphone on the front of the enclosure. To send a call to the head end, there is a talk button which must be held while calling and released to hear the response. Alerts can also be sent to the head end from the location of the EAS by utilizing the alert controller button on the front of the enclosure.

Product Features

Frequency VHF & UHF by model
Antenna Top mounted Dipole whip
RF Power 5W maximum
Sounder Volume Standard: ≤ 96 dB
Operating Voltage 120 V AC / 240 V AC
Batteries 12 V DC SLA
Enclosure Thermoplastic
Weight & Dimensions 15 kg; 444 (L) x 350 (W) x 194 (D) mm 33 lbs; 17.5 (L) x 13.75 (W) x 7.625 (D) inches
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