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The IPT-TAG is a PAS-compatible personnel tracking tag installed in-line with a cap lamp’s cable.

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Product Description

The IP-TAG is a personnel tracking tag and alert system which is connected in-line with a cap lamp’s cable. The tag can be integrated into virtually any 3rd party wired cap lamp and installation can be performed on-site. Power for the tag is supplied from the cap lamp’s battery.

The IPT-TAG is compatible with PBE’s Proximity Alert System (PAS) and uses RFID, GPS, Electromagnetics, and Radar (model dependent) to supply proximity information for the system. It offers personnel with audible and visual alerts when the tag is nearing PAS equipment. There are four (4) tag zones representing the distance to PAS equipment. Audible and visual alerts are different for each zone. There are no alerts outside of the far zone.

There is a button on the unit for alert suppression (single press) to temporarily silence alarms or light bar attachment (double press) to prevent nuisance alarms while operating equipment.

The IPT-TAG is also compatible with PBE Vantage (tracking, monitoring, and control software) where it can be used as a part of Responsible Ventilation to control equipment based on the location information from the tag.

Product Features

Operating Voltage 3.7VDC
Technologies Utilised RFID, GPS, EM, Radar
TX Power 10dBm
Modulation Type 4-FSK
RFID Range Up to 27m
EM Range Up to 9m
Radar Range Up to 45m line-of-sight
GPS Accuracy Autonomous = 2.5 m CEP; SBAS = 2.0 m CEP
Dimensions 133 x 29 x 21mm
Warranty 1 year
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