Model RC Rotating Coupler

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Model RC Rotating Connector allows a run of leaky feeder cable to follow a tunnel boring machine without twists being added as the cable is unspooled.

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Product Description

Leaky feeder can be installed in such a way that it spools from the rear of the tunnel boring machine as it moves along the tunnel drift. By using a cable spool mount and a rotating leaky feeder connector (Model RC), the leaky feeder cable spool is able to spin freely while also remaining connected to the overall leaky feeder communications infrastructure. This allows leaky cable to be attached along the length of the tunnel boring machine to facilitate radio communications.

A protection rating of IP51 can be achieved due to the close fit of the bushing, for protection against light oil, dust, and water

Product Features

Terminals 2
Voltage AC/DC 0-250
Amp Rating @240VAC 30
Max Frequency MHz 200
Contact Resistance <1 Ohm
Max RPM 1800
Temp Max F (C) / Min F (C) 140 (60) / -20 (-29)
Rotation Torque (gm-cm) 200
Circuit Separation >25M Ohm
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