PA-FM Proximity Alert & Fleet Management

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The Model PA-FM is a collision avoidance and fleet management system integrated as one.

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Product Description

The system is designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing the risk of a collision through asset and personnel detection and warning. The system incorporates overlapping detection technologies for redundancy and safety.

Seamlessly, the system enables real-time decision making by providing real-time feedback to operators in-cab, and by recording all parameters of the haul truck load cycle. If a person, vehicle and/or obstacle is detected by the system visual and audible alarms will be activated providing operators with a clear vision of the danger.

Product Features

PAS-ZR-E Dimensions 9.094 (L) x 4.921 (W) x 3.543 (D) inches | 231 (L) x 125 (W) x 90 (D) mm
Input & Ignition Voltage 11-15 VDC (Optional 24-12VDC convertor available)
Temperature 0˚C to 70˚C | 32˚F to 158˚F
Outputs (4) PAS-ZR: SPST contacts (2 NC, 1 NO, & 1 NO configured for sounder strobe); For outputs 1, 2, & 4, apply up to 30 VDC / 1 A; Output 3 supplies voltage (Vin) for sounder strobe activation
Inputs (4) Input 1 & 2; apply up to 30 VDC (<10V = 0, 10-30V = 1) Input 3 & 4; switch closure/dry contact monitoring (open = 0, closed = 1)
Internal Storage Capacity 8GB
TX Power 10dBm
Modulation 4-FSK
Warranty 1 year
In-Cab Display Dimensions 8.0-inch: 220mm x 193mm x 55mm Viewable Area: 8.0-inch 4:3 (20.32cm) diagonal
Certification RCM, CE, FCC.
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