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PAS-Command is an intelligent, rugged, compact control centre that is compatible with the PAS-Tablet or a Remote Screen and forms part of PBE’s Proximity Alert System (PAS) Solution.

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Product Description

The PAS-COMMAND Controller is a low-profile, compact control centre that facilitates easy connection to external sensors, sounder strobe and other peripherals. It allows for concealed installation (under a seat, behind a panel, etc…) which greatly reduces the clutter in the vehicle cab. The unit is connected to the Model PAS-Tablet or a 3rd Party Remote Screen, via ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Product Features

PAS-Command Enclosure Dimensions 9.5”(L) x 6.34”(W) x 2.6”(D) inches 241.3(L) x 161.036(W) x 66.04(D) mm
Input & Ignition Voltage 11-30 VDC
Temperature 0˚to 70˚C | 32˚F to 158˚F
Outputs (4) SPST contacts (2 NC & 2 NO); apply up to 30 VDC / 1 A
Inputs (4) Input 1 & 2; apply up to 30 VDC (<10V = 0, 10-30V = 1) Input 3 & 4; switch closure/dry contact monitoring (open = 0, closed = 1)
Internal Storage Capacity 8GB
Warranty 1 year
RFID Range ≈ 50m, 150f
Radar Range ≈ 33m, 100f
EM Range ≈ 10m, 30f
GPS Autonomous 2.5 m ( ≈ 8.2 ft) CEP; SBAS = 2.0 m ( ≈ 6.56 ft) CEP
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