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A compact and ruggedized solution for the Collision Avoidance and Proximity Detection for the underground flameproof market sector.

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Product Description

PBE’s tag based Proximity Alert Systems (PAS) are designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing the risk of collisions through vehicle, asset and personnel detection. The PAS alerts the operator of the presence of pedestrians, vehicles and obstacles.

The configurable PAS-XP is flameproof and helps manage vehicle interactions by providing reliable information on direction and distance by utilizing multiple technologies including RFID, electromagnetics and bidirectional radar. All PAS solutions have extensive reporting capabilities to allow identification of safety issues and processes in addition to replaying of events. The tag can be incorporated into the cap lamp and will provide audible and visual alarms to the user. The PDS tags are also compatible with PBE’s tracking solution. The system provides a comprehensive integrated solution, with shaft clearance capabilities.

Product Features

Detection technologies Electromagnetics, RFID, GPS, Radar
Redundancy Multiple technologies for redundancy and accuracy
Connectivity Wi-Fi ready & 3G Capable
Customisable Recognizes 4 user definable groups, such as personnel, assets, vehicle types, visitors, obstacles etc.
Zones Each vehicle has 4 configurable zones for each group type
Reporting Critical reports for daily review and full data capture for offsite analysis
Inputs/Outputs 3 outputs and 4 inputs for alarms or allowing optional control and interaction with vehicle operation
Compatibility Compatible with PBE’s tracking system and entry/exit system functionality for an integrated solution
GPS GPS receiver for surface tracking and defining site Geofencing
Power Powered via the ignition circuit of the vehicle/machine or via an auxiliary power source
Wired USB port for configuration and data extraction without wireless connectivity
EMERST Level 9 Compliant
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