Positive Train Control

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A 220 MHz and LTE Positive Train Control safety system to enhance safety and improve operational performance.

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Product Description

Positive Train Control (PTC) by PBE is a system designed to prevent train-to-train collisions, derailments caused by excessive speeds, unauthorized train movements in work zones, and the movement of trains through switches left in the wrong

PTC networks enable real-time information sharing between trains, rail wayside devices, and “back office” applications, regarding train movement, speed restrictions, train position and speed, and the state of signal and switch devices.

PTC is designed to prevent:

  • Train-to-train collisions
  • Derailments caused by excessive train speed
  • Train movements through misaligned track switches
  • Unauthorized train entry into work zones.

Product Features

Technologies Leaky feeder, hybrid radiating cable, optional integrated Cable Break Detection System
Features Extends 220MHz radio signals in railroad tunnels, low latency amplifier design, uninterrupted data communication, remote diagnostics and balancing
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