Proximity Alert System

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Proximity Alert System Machine

A complete Proximity Alert System for above & below ground detections for the mining & construction industry.

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Product Description

PBE’s tag based Proximity Alert Systems (PAS) are designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing risk of collision through asset and personnel detection and warning. The above and below ground proximity detection system alerts drivers of the presence of personnel, vehicles, obstacles and user defined geofences.

The system helps manage vehicle interactions by providing reliable information on direction and distance by utilizing multiple technologies including RFID, GPS, electromagnetics and bidirectional radar. The standard version, PAS-Z is compact and lightweight.

A ruggedized version, the PAS-ZR is also available with the same functionality.

Proximity Alert System MachineIn addition, PBE has released a flameproof version, the PAS-XP.

All PAS-Z solutions have extensive reporting capabilities to allow identification of safety issues and processes in addition to replaying of events. The same personnel proximity detection Tags are used for PBE’s tracking solution and can be combined into entry/exit systems for a single integrated solution.

Product Features

Technologies Radar, Electromagnetics, RFID & GPS
Vehicles Lightweight, ruggedized and explosion proof versions for all vehicle types in all environments
Environments Above and below ground seamless operation
Markets Proven in mining, tunnelling, construction, forestry, ports and other industrial applications
Flexible User defined range and detection of vehicles, personnel, obstacles and assets
Vehicle integration PAS has multiple outputs and CANBUS functionality for vehicle integration and control
Approved PAS complies with all relevant international standards and is Level 9 EMESRT certified.
Remote monitoring Real time remote monitoring and control/configuration using a 3G network interface and PBE’s proprietary control and monitoring software, VANTAGE
Display Optional tablet-based touch screen for radar type display
Obstacle protection The self-contained PAS-O allows protection of obstacles
No false alarms Safe Nodes to define areas for none detection and Dynamic Projected Detection Angle (DPDA) to allow trucks to pass with none detection if required
Access control Issuing software and entry/exit control solution, with integration to PBE tracking systems
Data analysis Powerful reporting capability providing bar charts, heat maps and display of all recorded interactions
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