Tagging & Tracking Systems

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Tagging and tracking systems that accurately identifies the location of your personnel and equipment.

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Product Description

PBE Tracking and Tagging systems can be found in over 100 mines around the world and are capable of providing the real time location of underground equipment, personnel and vehicles.

An integrated system provides valuable tools to managers with extensive data collection capabilities, real-time management abilities and report generation functionality.

Stationary and portable tag readers (wireless or wired) are available for transmitting data over either leaky feeder communication systems (VHF or UHF) or over existing infrastructure (fiber optic, wireless mesh, etc.) without the need to install a new backbone.

PBE’s Tracking System can be used with an Emergency Preparedness System, Automatic Personnel Registration or as an Access Control System.

Product Features

Accurate Accurate real-time knowledge of all personnel and vehicles at all times for use in emergency situations
Real-time Physical tag system at the mine surface that only offers binary information (in or out of mine) and is subject to human error is replaced with real-time tracking capabilities
Monitoring Enables monitoring of personnel in and out of sensitive areas (e.g. blast zones)
Location Asset location and directional tracking to assist with collision avoidance can be included in vehicles
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