Vantage Control & Monitoring Platform

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PBE Vantage 2.0 is PBE’s new and improved mine wide control and monitoring software solution, allowing a single point of access to all of PBE’s safety and productivity systems.

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Product Description

Customer data needs are diverse and dynamic, requiring data transfer over a network without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Mining, tunnelling and other associated industries are now focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) networks and Smart solutions – providing data as and when required and using it to make automated decisions to increase productivity, efficiency and improve safety.

PBE offers a wide spectrum of systems that provide reliable, scalable and inherently flexible solutions to meet these increasingly complex mandates. The modular SCADA based hardware can interface with Ethernet and RF networks ensuring seamless connectivity to existing infrastructure.

The Vantage software platform, developed by PBE, provides a sophisticated centralised and user-friendly navigation interface allowing intelligent control, monitoring and reporting facilities. This allows an integrated system to be deployed, controlled and monitored from a single platform.

Product Features

Platforms Tracking Network, Environmental Monitoring, Responsible Ventilation and more
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