Vehicle Test Station

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PBE’s Vehicle Test Station (VTS) offers quick and comprehensive Proximity Alert System (PAS) testing.

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Product Description

The Model VTS (Vehicle Test Station) quickly and comprehensively tests Proximity Alert System (PAS) functionality. The test process is completely automated. To test a PAS system, the vehicle operator drives up into the designated test area and stops. Within a matter of seconds, the
system produces a PASS, FAIL, or UNKNOWN condition. The result is indicated by the LED on the front of the unit. Details regarding technology statuses are indicated on the VTS display.

If the vehicle receives a PASS result, it can simply exit the test area and proceed to work site. If the vehicle receives a FAIL result, it should undergo maintenance prior to operation. If the LED indicates an UNKNOWN condition, it indicates the system has not yet been memorized by the VTS. After system configuration has been verified, it can be stored or ‘learned’ by the VTS by pressing the button on the front of the unit. The VTS will only have to learn a PAS system the first time it is encountered or if configuration changes occur.

Product Features

Input Voltage 110 / 220 VAC
Number of PAS Sensor Connections 4
Radar Connection Type Female N-Type
Display Size 257 mm (10.1 in)
Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C | 32° to 122°F
Enclosure NEMA 4X
Enclosure Dimensions 380 x 380 x 210 mm (14.96 x 14.96 x 8.27 in)
Warranty 1 year
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