Mining Safety & Data

Improving safety on opencast mine for Rio Tinto – Madagascar
  • Country Madagascar
  • Client Rio Tinto
  • Client contractor Expert Mining SA
  • Year of completion 2018
  • Sector Above Ground Mining
Project Description

Rio Tinto wanted to improve production and productivity by preventing accidents, our client was determined to improve their safety protocols. This included knowing when personnel were operating heavy machinery, the interaction between vehicles, and the real-time location of personnel & other assets.

In order to enhance safety and productivity, PBE deployed its Proximity Alert System (PAS). PAS-ZR units were installed on all vehicles allowing operators to identify any potential threat surrounding them and responsibly acting on it. PAS units on vehicles were connected to 3G modems, which transferred GPS data immediately to PBE Vantage, a complete operational support software.

From this unique software, managers can remotely monitor vehicle and personnel productivity, safety, and real-time locations. PBE Vantage also allowed managers to automatically receive an alert when an incident occurred and create reports to study productivity and safety.