Safety products designed for the most challenging and harsh environments

PBE Group - Safety Solutions IllustrationPBE Group designs, engineers and manufactures single source integrated solutions for safety, communications, monitoring and control systems and temporary power for mines and tunnels around the world. PBE’s products and solutions are sophisticated and reliable, with over 50 years of ensuring safer environments in challenging working conditions.

For mine safety, PBE Group manufacturers robust and reliable products to provide a integrated solution. These same products and technologies have been applied to the tunnel construction safety market. Supported and serviced by its network of global offices and distribution partners, PBE Group is able to provide timely service and engineering support globally.

Our solutions include:

Proximity Alert System (PAS)  PAS is a complete Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance solution that allows seamless operation above and below ground, giving operators and pedestrians visual and audible warnings of impeding interactions and provides remote real time monitoring.  Units are available in a compact, ruggedized, explosion proof and via a tablet-based radar type display.


Tagging & Tracking – PBE Group electronic tagging system is used for the tracking of personnel, vehicles and assets in mining, tunnelling and construction environments. The solution uses multiple technologies, increases situational awareness, minimising accident response times whilst promoting an overall safer workplace. The system can be used in conjunction with the Proximity Alert System and also provides entry/exit functionality.

Environmental Monitoring  PBE Environmental Monitoring systems provide monitoring and concentration information for all common gasses for all mines types and tunnel construction environments. The system is monitored using PBE’s own control and monitoring soft ware, ‘Vantage’ allowing instantaneous alerts and providing a complete historical database. The system can be combined with air velocity, tracking and temperature information and can form part of PBE’s RV solution.

Responsible Ventilation – PBE’s Responsible Ventilation (RV) platform provides significant cost saving and reduced environmental impact through control of auxiliary booster fans in a mining environment. The RV management system controls these fans, operational only when required. These conditions can be triggered by environmental events such as unsafe gas levels and temperature, vehicles or personnel entering the area (mine/tunnel tracking) or through specified scheduling.

Emergency Alerting Stations – An emergency alert response system is essential in a harsh construction environment. Alerting stations can provide audible and visual alerts in the case of emergency. The PBE Evacuation and Alarming system consists of operator soft ware and remote stations. The system can be configured to individual client operational requirements and can operate either autonomously or through dispatcher interaction.

Fleet Mangement Solutions – PBE’s Fleet Management System (FMS) extracts, records and presents crucial operati nal data for the monitoring and management of a mining fleet. This enables all levels of the mining operati on to have the knowledge to support quick and effective decisions. The FMS is a suite of specialised software modules running on a rugged Nexis computing platform, which is installed on-board the mining fleet with GPS and wireless mesh capabilities. Nexis links on-board vehicle systems back to the office for real-time management of your fleet. Operators engage through the in-cab screens with the system being integrated to PBE’s ‘PAS’ Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance solution.

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