Emergency Alerting Stations

An Emergency Response System to provide local emergency alerts in underground harsh environments

An emergency alert response system is essential in a harsh construction environment. Alerting stations can provide audible and visual alerts in the case of emergency. The PBE Evacuation and Alarming system consists of operator software (EMS) and remote stations. The system can be configured to individual client operational requirements and can operate either autonomously or through operator interaction.

PBE Evacuation System is comprised of three components:

- Evacuation Management System (EMS) - provides monitoring and control of the overall system
- Audio-visual alerting unit
- SIP/Voice interface

  • Multi-tone audio altering for various condition alerts
  • Local and remote override and control facilities
  • Spare and expandable IO for addition telemetry monitoring, eliminating need for additional PLC equipment
  • Standard protocol (Modbus) allows integration to existing networks and SCADA systems
  • Configurable allowing for adaptation to future requirements
  • TCP/IP
  • 802.11xx
  • Fiber SM/MM
  • Monitoring software: communication status, station health indication etc.
  • System grouping
  • Diagnostics information
  • Four modes of operation
  • An interface at every remote station
  • Optional voice communication through remote evacuation station

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